there's a hole - in my pants

(this blog-title can be sung along that song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Anlm0GtGSOQ)

well, what's happening?

it's fucking raining all the time! that's what's happening!

also some gig time in the middle of the fiddle:
18.07. at oh see a festival at rote fabrik zürich, at 19.00
22.07. at paléo festival nyon, at 17.00

meanwhile, I'll keep working on those holes and will be hanging out on the roof with mr. schranzmann, indiana jonas, and the male counterpart to princess snow white.

(you can turn off the police song now)

and very happy to announce that the new doomenfels album 'moniker' will be out october 24th on a tree in a field records!